Welcome and have a pleasant tour of the neighbourhood

Our local community provides access to parking lot and abandoned lots for beautification, gardening and greening. Have a tour of our neighborhood created in the 1800's.

This one kilometre tour is a local resident initiative. These people want to improve their neighbourhood and make it more attractive, liveable and safe. 

Going around, you will see a revitalised residential neighbourhood if you compare it with the situation only ten years ago. This neighbourhood is characterized mainly by three storey apartment buildings, made of brown bricks. You will see few wood two storey houses. In fact, these houses have escaped from different fires in the mid 19th century that burned and raised most of the neighbourhood. Wood construction has been restricted and prohibited since that time.

This kind of three-storey apartment building is often called a triple-Decker or three-decker in the USA. These buildings are typically of low cost construction with few architectural trimmings, where each floor usually consists of a single apartment, although two apartments per floor is not uncommon. Most of the buildings in the neighbourhood have been constructed around a hundred years ago.

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, tens of thousands of triple-Deckers were constructed, mostly in the New England region of the United States and in Canada, mainly in Montreal,  Quebec City and Sherbrooke. A peculiarity of the triple Decker apartment building in this neighbourhood is the absence of front balconies and the construction starting at the line of the sidewalk.
 Streets in this neighbourhood are usually narrower than normal Quebec City streets.

This particular neighbourhood was in very poor shape. All levels of government have invested to revitalize the neighbourhood and this has attracted new residents in the last 20 years and we see the results now. 
People attracted by new jobs in IT sectors and others have made Saint-Roch one the more vibrant neighbourhoods of the city. 

Many apartments have been refurbished by owners who decided to come back downtown. You also begin to see new construction in this residential sector. 

Many of these people have worked together as volunteers to create this tour and we hope that you will appreciate your experience.

Best regards

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